Hacked Crypto Exchange BITpoint Finds out Another $2.3 Million Is Missing

Last week, Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange BITpoint revealed that it suffered a $30-million hack. On Sunday, the exchange said it discovered another $2.3 million is missing.

Japan Today reported on July 15 that the additional losses were discovered at exchanges outside the country that were utilizing BITpoint’s trading system.

The company revealed on Friday that it had suffered a hack resulting in loss of roughly 3.2 billion yen (nearly $30 million) in cryptocurrencies. This forced the exchange to halt its services such as trading, deposits, and withdrawals of all digital currencies.

Remixpoint Inc., the parent company of the platform, revealed in a statement following the security breach that $23 million worth of the lost funds belonged to its users.

The exchange provides trading in five cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, XRP, and litecoin.