Guarda Wallet Authorizes Purchase of Tokens Using Credit Card

The arrival of Guarda wallet in the market introduced a straightforward yet innovative idea to make crypto-funds secure and reliable. What makes the multi-currency wallet accessible to all tokens are: the private keys are safely installed in devices, liberty to implement exchange process inside the wallet interface, and latterly, a trusted team partner Changelly.

Guarda app permits control to multiple virtual currencies in one place. The tokens can be purchased, transferred, and pooled in just a single app while enabling the need to acquire tokens.

With the dedication to make life in the crypto-industry convenient, the team recently released a feature that allows users to get-at-able purchase crypto-assets using fiat currencies by connecting a debit or credit card to the wallet.

Wemovecoins back the Guarda wallet. The wallet operates as a multi-functional lightwallet that is capable of purchasing digital currencies and Ethereum-based tokens via debit or credit card.

The Guarda, being a new player in the market, allows users to enjoy an uncomplicated process of acquiring crypto-assets. The Guarda app brings together all the essential solutions: crypto-currency and token purchasing and currency transferring to smart contracts. Combining all these steps make transactions simple as it eliminates the endless sign-ups on different platforms.

The Product Manager of Guarda Ondrej Horacek expressed his delight in the partnership with an active market player like Wemovecoins. Horacek is also expressed his excitement to provide clients with a full range of services to maneuver digital currencies as well as its acquisitions. Additionally, purchase of tokens from the application using a credit card will be possible.

The CEO of Wemovecoins Fredrik Grothe-Eberhardt, on the other hand, said that the expansion of their partnership with Guarda will amplify the availability of the digital assets and will be beneficial and helpful for the users.