GoTenna, Blockstream Satellite Partnering Up for Offline Bitcoin Transaction Service

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Blockstream Satellite and goTenna are partnering up to make it easier for users to send bitcoin transactions even when they’re not directly connected to the internet.

The new service will be powered by goTenna’s consumer-grade mesh network, which allows users to bypass internet and cellular service providers to send data to one another.

The integration between Blockstream Satellite, which lets users who have installed a receiver download a full bitcoin node without an internet connection, and goTenna essentially means that the former’s receivers will now work with the latter’s mesh network devices.

GoTenna users will then be able to receive blockchain data via satellite using Blockstream Satellite and then send and receive signed bitcoin transactions without having to connect directly to the internet thanks to goTenna’s TxTenna tool.

The goTenna app [lets] you send signed bitcoin transactions over our mesh network,” said goTenna decentralized applications engineer Richard Myers. “If your local provider is censoring you or your connection is down for some reason, maybe due to a natural disaster, you can still get it to the internet.

Since it doesn’t require a direct internet connection, Myers also noted that the Blockstream-goTenna network is a more private and secure way of sending bitcoin transactions.

More accessible offline transactions

The integration, which was originally revealed at the Magical Crypto Conference in New York City on Saturday, is reportedly part of a larger effort to make offline bitcoin transactions more easily accessible.

The need for this technology might not be in New York City, but other parts of the world. It could be useful there instead of centralized internet providers,” said Myers.

He also added that while sending bitcoin transactions over Blockstream Satellite is already possible using technology other than goTenna’s, those technologies require more specialized knowledge.

In contrast, goTenna makes it easier for people to start using the technology without the need to become experts in the field.

It lowers the bar for who can do this kind of wizardry,” Myers said.