Google’s Big-Data Analytics Platform BigQuery Adds Support for Ethereum Network

Gone are the glory days when Ethereum was once trading as high as $1,500, as the altcoin abysmally plunges along with the rest of the other digital currencies after suffering a year-long market collapse. However, while Ethereum’s trading price may be dwindling, it would appear that the attention and application of the altcoin have not.

Case in point, Google’s big data analytics platform BigQuery has recently provided its web service support to Ethereum, along with other blockchain networks, allowing technologists to refine search results for any specific data on the blockchain. Essentially this would provide BigQuery end-users, including businesses and enterprises with the ability to search for specific information on the network. For instance, Regtech verification and voting platform OriginalMy will be able to authenticate a number of data from a piece of media, including its publication date.

Basically, the addition of Ethereum to BigQuery‘s enterprise data warehouse will provide end-users with an interactive analysis of the network’s datasets without needing to back up such information on local databases.

With BigQuery’s support for Ethereum blockchain searches alongside other crypto networks, Google’s big-data analytics platform is bridging a niche gap between “people who are very familiar with the blockchain data structure and technologists who are more familiar with querying other types of data.”

This move is but one among the many initiatives that the Ethereum community is promoting in an effort to expand the digital coin’s reach across other markets and industries.