GM Patent Showcases Blockchain as Data Solution for Autonomous Vehicles

Detroit-based automobile giant General Motors (GM) is considering the possibility of a Blockchain platform aimed at managing data from “automated cars.”

According to a patent filing released on November 29 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), self-driving cars have the ability to store all information on a distributed ledger. In the document, GM Global Technology Operations LLC indicates that any data stored can be shared with other users in the Blockchain.

While this is another remarkable use case for Blockchain, the automobile giant suggests an application on navigation, elaborating:

“It is desirable to provide locations information and densities of vehicles in regions in an online blockchain ledger for interoperable information sharing between vehicles of participants for use in navigating routes.”

The patent filing also suggests data sharing between various independent platforms. According to the filing, a Blockchain exchange for municipalities, local authorities, and public facilities like airports may determine the “validity of permits and licenses to operate as hacks, taxis, or other for-hire services.”

In addition, if a vehicle has been ticketed, that particular data can be shared with a Blockchain operated by the appropriate authority.

The document further states that integrating payments into the system will allow cars to maintain balances and take care of charges on tolls, parking, and other fee-based services.

GM has already dedicated substantial “time and effort” on these so-called autonomous vehicles, disclosing in March that production for the self-driving vehicles will begin in 2019. The company has also already taken steps in exploring Blockchain tech. In a bid to promote Blockchain innovation in the auto space, GM has joined the other auto companies such as BMW in establishing the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI).