Global Metrology Project (GMP)

    The Adequacy of the Decision-Making

    The Global Metrology Project (GMP) is aimed at organizing a network of innovative clusters and metrology centers. The network is planned to include 200 centers across 70 nations. Scientists will work to conduct specific projects. Every center will be tasked to generate significant financial flows. The GMP interests field includes the following branches: medicine, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, quantum computing, and others.

    GMP is implemented because of the utilization of a blockchain. The system allows the creation of a unified network for scientists interaction worldwide. Moreover, every center will be strategic partners, working on standardization, testing, and innovations in the said fields.

    Per team calculations, GMP centers’ interaction will be performed involving roughly 200,000 organizations. It is supposed that the average yearly system turnover at the start of its work will be up to $600 million.

    The GMP token is created for system workflow convenience. It is designed to encourage users to do calculations on more favorable terms. The system serves as an exchange regulator that controls the GMP token’s volatility via the creation of its demand and supply.

    With that, the platform’s advantages include risk minimization, control over token price, as well as planning and forecasting possibility.

    GMP is a scientific platform for the development and implementation of numerous projects. It unites prospective and leading scientists worldwide. The innovative technology clusters would open their doors within European and Asian nations.

    Token GMP
    Type Utility
    Price 1 GMP = 0.45 USD
    Bonus Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Minimum Investment 0.01 ETH
    Country Russia