GBX Digital Asset Exchange Lists TRON’s ERC20 Token TRX

Institutional-grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has recently added TRON (TRX) to its Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX), per a press release published January 23.

Following the inclusion of XRP and EOS on GBX-DAX in recent weeks, the exchange has now also admitted token-funded blockchain project TRON, with StratX serving as its official sponsor firm.

As Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) founder and managing director Nick Cowan commented in the release:

“We are delighted to announce the addition of TRX to the GBX-DAX. TRON’s goal to transform the entertainment industry through the creation of a decentralised ecosystem for content-sharing, is bolstered by a strong team of developers, who are deeply in tune with the mission of the leadership team.”

Founded by BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun, TRON is an ambitious project launched in a bid to decentralize the web and its infrastructure, revolutionizing the global digital entertainment industry with its blockchain-based open-source protocol. Now regarded as one of the world’s top 10 crypto networks, TRON is also behind the development of TRX, an ERC20 token that allows users to share files, submit decentralized applications (dApps), and publish other content on the TRON platform, enabling content creators to generate revenues independent from third-party applications.

Highlighting TRON’s addition to GBX-DAX, Stratx CEO Michael Horowitz stated:

“As a proud Sponsor Firm for the GBX, it was a privilege to help facilitate the partnership of these highly regarded companies in the digital asset space. Stratx is pleased to have introduced Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation to the first regulated and insured blockchain exchange, owned by an EU regulated stock exchange. As these markets evolve and mature, our focus is on matching together dynamic and pioneering issuer projects with institutional quality exchanges. Both GBX and TRON represent the future of the industry and provide a strong foundation for continued success.”

“We are very glad that TRX can be listed by GBX and TRON will have more influence in the European market,” TRON founder and CEO Justin Sun added.

The GBX Digital Asset Exchange is a regulated crypto trading platform anchored on institutional-grade best practices derived from GBX’s parent company, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), a fully licensed stock exchange operating within the EU’s regulatory purview. Established in an effort to provide the most professional and regulated trading environment for the crypto community, GBX-DAX ensures that every listed digital asset undergoes strict adherence to verification requirements.

As GBX founder and CEO Nick Cowan concluded:

“As the third high-profile token to be listed on the exchange in as many weeks, the addition of TRX to the GBX-DAX continues the exciting phase of activity we are experiencing. We are committed to giving our users strong and viable trading opportunities, with TRX as the latest example of this vision at work. We are firmly in tune with TRON’s dedication to supporting decentralised ecosystems, and are proud to extend the reach of TRX to our community.