Gaming Hardware Maker Razer Launches App for Mining Crypto

Singapore-based gaming hardware manufacturing company Razer has rolled out an app that rewards gamers with loyalty points for mining digital currency, according to the firm’s press release published Wednesday.

Dubbed Razer SoftMiner, the app enables users to maximize their idle graphics cards by using it to mine new transactions blocks on multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum. While using other apps or software clients for mining allows users to earn digital currencies, SoftMiner, on the other hand, would instead earn loyalty points called “silver” through Razer’s Silver program for the amount of time and processing power they invest in running the app.

As the company explained, the loyalty points gamers earn can then be used for in-store purchases of Razer merchandise, gift vouchers, and other products at a discounted price.

While the app offers several perks for product purchases, Razer SoftMiner’s rewards program has sparked several criticisms across social media platforms, with one Twitter user stating:

“Razer SoftMiner uses your GPU to mine cryptocurrency, but you don’t get the coins.”

SoftMiner is anchored on the same engine on which GammaNow was built, another desktop app that operates similarly to SoftMiner, as it runs in the background when a user’s computer is idle, allowing them to earn points which can be later redeemed for rewards in games.

This would not be the first time tech companies have launched an app for crypto mining. In November, Taiwanese multinational tech giant Asus has also partnered with mining app provider Quantumcloud to launch an app which allows users to lend their graphics cards for mining digital currencies and earn profit shares which are sent either via PayPal or WeChat.