Fraudulent MyEtherWallet Appears in Apple’s App Store

Dubbed by many as “MEW,” the omnipresent Ether wallet has yet again been paid the sincerest form of flattery: imitation. 

Users may have been unwittingly subjected to scammers after a bogus MyEtherWallet (MEW) application from developer Nam Le appeared in the Apple App Store on December 11.

The false MEW app has been taken down from the store as of this morning. However, according to reports, it ranked third in Apple’s Finance App section over the weekend. A tracking service has recorded an estimated 3,000 fake MEW app downloads.

As an effort to warn users, MEW’s social media team tweeted on December 9:

The fake app persisted in the App Store despite the attempts of the MEW team to remove it until this morning.

MyEtherWallet CMO Jordan Spence said in an interview:

“We’d like to think that the community played an integral part in getting this false app removed from the IOS store. The app was quickly removed after an outpouring of signal boosting from our followers, friends, and various outlets; the app was allowed to stay up for way too long before then. We’d specifically like to give a huge thanks to people working on anti-phishing with us every day, specifically Charlotte, Harry from EtherAddressLookup, and Dave from HelloGold. Having people like these three on our side gives us a lot of hope for mitigating these attacks moving forward.”

It should be noted that the only official incarnation of MEW is a browser application that costs nothing to use while the fraudulent application cost users $4.99. MEW developers have vowed to keep the wallet service free and accessible using open-source software (FOSS).

MEW has repeatedly been prey for malicious actors trying to phish private keys out of users. This latest mistake by a major corporation is a reminder that MEW users must remain vigilant to stay ahead of scammers.