Fox Business TV Series to Feature Luxcore Blockchain Solution

A TV series on the Fox Business channel, Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., will feature a segment on Luxcore, a blockchain-based solution for secure data exchanges between institutions and corporations.

According to a press release, the company’s Luxgate product serves as a gateway to enable secure communication and information-sharing between blockchains and traditional databases.

The Phi1612 algorithm of Luxgate minimizes the amount of power required to mine blocks. Aside from secure communication, Luxcore provides services such as hybrid consensus models of proof of stake and proof of work, smart contracts, and other tools.

“Blockchains are becoming more and more prevalent as they offer unique and efficient ways to communicate and perform transactions securely. But we are looking down the road to the inevitable need for blockchains to cross-talk. With Luxcore, companies can choose a blockchain solution that fits them, and that choice does not prevent them from working alongside other blockchains,” Luxcore CEO Brian Oliver said in the release.

The release mentioned that viewers could check their local TV listings for Fox Business for broadcast schedules.