Former Google Exec Joins Ripple as New VP of Products

San Francisco-based payments firm Ripple Labs has appointed Google’s former head of Business Development and Communications Amir Sarhangi as new vice president of products.

As confirmed in a Reuters report published October 27, Ripple Labs has hired Sarhangi to lead the development of RippleNet, the firm’s global payments network.

Prior to joining Ripple Labs, Sarhangi has held a number of other key positions across notable firms, including Deloitte and Vodafone. He has also been appointed by Google following the tech giant’s acquisition of Jibe Mobile, a startup founded by Sarhangi in 2015. Jibe Mobile was launched to provide rich communications services (RCS), a messaging service akin to SMS that offers enhanced features.

As Ripple Lab’s new vice president of products, Sarhangi will now be leading RippleNet, the firm’s sole payments solution for global banks and other remittance service providers.

RippleNet encompasses the company’s multiple blockchain-based payments solutions developed to offer real-time settlements across banks as well as other financial institutions. While the majority of Ripple’s clients do not use the company’s proprietary crypto XRP, a number of its existing clients have begun adopting the digital asset in October.

Sarhangi’s appointment marks the firm’s second hire from major tech companies, following the appointment of former Facebook executive Kahina Van Dyke as the firm’s new senior vice president (SVP) of business and corporate development, per Coinwire’s previous report published July.