Forbes Collaborates with Civil to Issue Contents on a Blockchain

Celebrated business news outlet Forbes is making a move towards the direction of Blockchain tech.

In a blog post by Matt Coolidge, Civil co-founder, on Tuesday, the media behemoth, which runs a daily news web portal and publishes a bi-weekly magazine, is now transferring its content to a distributed ledger platform provided by no less than Civil itself.

Forbes, as part of the partnership, will commence the archiving of portions of its current content on the platform while collaborating with Civil to “experiment with new methods of reader engagement.”

Salah Zalatimo, the senior vice president of product and technology at Forbes, says that the company is “relentlessly focused on rapid experimentation and implementation” to be able to find ways to attract an audience and how the journalism industry will be moving forward.

He also says:

 “Forbes and Civil believe passionately in the mission of journalism, and together we can provide audiences with a level of unprecedented transparency around our content. We’ll also be able to expand the reach of our writers and identify new revenue channels over time.”

The experiment is scheduled to start in 2019 as Forbes begins to publish several article metadata to a Blockchain platform. The press release indicates that if the so-called experiment proves to be successful, Forbes will begin publishing all article metadata to Civil’s platform. In essence, this means that Forbes will be recording “proof of an article’s existence” on the platform.

As for Forbes writers and editors, they will witness Blockchain publishing tool incorporated into its content management system (CMS). These tools are designed to modernize the process of adding the metadata to the company’s platform. Such metadata include an author’s identity and a number of information regarding sources mentioned in an article.

Meanwhile, Axios reports that Forbes may also try to exploit the smart contracts by allowing contributors to submit articles to Forbes, Civil or even blogging platform Medium and other news outlets, via its CMS.