Fiduxa (FDU)

    The Future of Recruitment

    Fiduxa is a revolutionary service allowing individuals to certify their competencies and skills in a single click. It lets them move jobs and nations more seamlessly. A Fiduxa-certified CV helps job seekers to powerfully and conveniently showcase their capabilities to recruiters without the burden of creating their CV with fancy formats. Fiduxa will create a credible profile allowing for the other side recruiters to attest, validate, individuals and minimize onerous checking of numerous applicants. Therefore, it will eliminate the burden of validating background checks of previous experiences and professional qualification. Fiduxa seeks to disintermediate various processes necessary to move employment across or within borders.

    The approach of Fiduxa is to build an interlaced distributed network of information which enables accurately identifying working experiences and credentials of an applicant while validating their truthfulness. That can be done through a sophisticated distributed technology and a strategic process flow approach which adapts success stories from different markets into the recruitment ecosystem leveraging new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

    Fiduxa has formed a vision for how the technology could be implemented on the blockchain ecosystem as well as revolutionize the fundamentals of the existing employment market. Based on that vision, the Fiduxa team have identified key requirements, explored use cases, and created a system which they believe will disrupt the relationship between the recruiting organization, job seeker, and regulatory authorities.

    Token FDU
    Type Utility
    Bonus Available
    MVP/Prototype Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
    Hard Cap 25,000 ETH
    United Arab Emirates