Facebook Continues to Beef Up Blockchain Team with 20 Job Openings

Facebook continues to expand its blockchain-related staff.

The social media giant’s career page now has 20 new job openings pertaining to blockchain in different areas and scope, including threat investigator, two product managers, technology communications director, product designer, data scientist, brand strategy and marketing managers, various UX researchers, and engineers among others.

Possibly the most peculiar role is a global security strategic partner who “will serve as a liaison and thought partner between Global Security and the selected key business partners, in this case: Facebook’s Blockchain organization.”

While the job descriptions do not mention any particular product in the works, they give hint at possible goals:

“Our ultimate goal is to help billions of people with access to things they don’t have now – that could be things like healthcare, equitable financial services, or new ways to save or share information.”

Before the hiring spree even started, Facebook has been showing signs of interest in blockchain for some time now.

A New York Times report stated that the company has been developing a token that will be utilized across Facebook’s media platforms such as Facebook itself, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Pegged to different fiat currencies, the token will be a kind of a stablecoin. According to the report, 50 engineers are already developing the token and it’s slated to be unveiled in the first half of 2019.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview with Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain that blockchain technology might enable the company to provide users other ways to sign on to social media platform, changing the present system dubbed Facebook Connect.

“Basically, you take your information, you store it on some decentralized system and you have the choice to log into places without going through an intermediary,” Zuckerberg stated.

David Marcus, formal president of Paypal, stepped down last summer from his board seat at crypto exchange Coinbase, mentioning his new role at Facebook as blockchain research lead. The move suggested that the social media giant’s blockchain ambitions were serious enough to pose a conflict.