Everything You Need to Know About TakeOff Projects

The TakeOff Projects aim to provide innovative tools for startups and investors. It is comprised of TakeOff Exchange, TakeOff Centre, and TakeOff News Search. 

TakeOff News Search

The TakeOff News Search functions as a search engine for investment-related news. It helps investors search, analyze, and understand market trends. The initial version of its prototype is already available. It can be used with tablets and smartphones in responsive design, but more information can be accessed through a big screen so using a computer is recommended.

The TakeOff News Search contains an AI and a search engine. It extracts relevant news, companies, individuals, cryptocurrencies from news in AI, and natural language processing. It displays it alongside digital currency chart and stock chart. AI is presently learning with teacher data, but the team is also developing AI via deep learning. TakeOff News Search is smarter, multi-lingual, more efficient, and can deal with more data.

TakeOff Centre

The TakeOff Centre, alongside its partner corporations, is a support platform for startups. Investors leveraging TakeOff Search Premium Service can see information on the startups that it supports. TakeOff Centre takes around 10% to 20% of the original token issued by every startup and 15% to 20% of the funds raised by startups as a commission for comprehensive support. It will continuously support all startups to boost the value of the original token. Latest details on the scheduled startup projects are available on its website.

TakeOff Exchange

The TKO token and all tokens released by supported startups will be listed on the TakeOff Exchange, and are exchangeable with Ether or other original tokens. User-friendly distributed exchanges are created because of technological innovation. Such exchanges are advantageous due to its capability to avoid the risk of hacking since users are not required to deposit their private key before they can trade. The popularity of distributed exchanges alike can reduce the fee of digital currency exchange in the long term. While examining the trend of technology, TakeOff will decide how it will implement its exchange. The TakeOff Exchange will be launched after the TKO token sale.

TakeOff’s services for startups increase the value and liquidity of every original token as well as make mutual utilization. The TKO token can be utilized to pay for TakeOff News Search Premium Service fee and as a utility token for usage fees. With more startups harnessing the TakeOff Centre services, it would provide more useful services worldwide. Moreover, the value of the TKO token will increase alongside the TakeOff Centre sales.

TakeOff aims to list the TKO token on other exchanges although it is still undetermined and uncertain if it is possible or which crypto exchange will be handled. It will continue negotiations since listing conditions vary per exchange.