Domain Name Yours at $10 Million

Good news for those who are hankering after domain name; it is now up for grabs!

Bloomberg announced that the highly regarded domain is now on the list of for sale for around $10 million on the Uniregistry marketplace.

Ammar Kubba, a domain investor, commented on the news saying the digital currency is the hottest trend in the domain industry. He added that the domains related to crypto have grown in value more briskly than other names.

Kubba shared that he purchased domain for $800 a few months ago and at present, it had already tripled in value.

In recent reports, editor and publisher of Domain Name Journal Ron Jackson juxtaposed the boundless enthusiasm around digital currencies like Bitcoin lately and the chapter before the dot-com cash incident in 2001.

Once is sold at its asking price of $10 million, it will put other domain sales this year in a better position.

As per the Domain Name Journal, domain name investor Sharjil Saleem closed a $2 million sale of last month. So far because of the figure, it falls second to which sold for $2.89 million in May as the most valuable domain sale.

In 2014, the domain name was purchased by Alex Charfen, an Austin-based entrepreneur, for $250,000.