Ethereum Classic’s Atlantis Upgrade Hits Testnet this Month

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Scheduled testing for a proposed upgrade for the ethereum blockchain network has been moved up by ethereum classic developers.

During a developer call on Thursday, ecosystem stakeholders decided to ramp up the timeline for the Atlantis system-wide upgrade and have it activated on the testnet by June 19 instead of early August.

The Atlantis upgrade for the ethereum classic network will introduce changes that were first added to the original ethereum network back in 2017. The upgrade’s main goal is to increase interoperability between the two networks to make dapp migration from one network to another easier.

Thanks to the sped-up testnet activation, some ecosystem participants believe that Atlantis may be implemented on the mainnet by as early as August 2019.

There are, however, some disagreements among developers regarding certain components of Atlantis. In particular, concerns have been raised about whether or not to make the fixed cap to the size of the smart contract node on the blockchain require a hard fork.

Ethereum developers have yet to come to a consensus regarding this issue, but they have already scheduled another developer call for June 13 to discuss the upgrade’s contents and timeline further.

I can’t tell what the future will bring,” developer soc1c told crypto news site CoinDesk. “For now we agreed to fork the testnets with everything included in [Atlantis] as it is, and reserve the option to modify mainnet spec and date in a subsequent call.