Enigma Securities Launches Bitcoin Payment Terminals

Enigma Securities has announced the launch of new terminals to facilitate Bitcoin payments. The news comes a year after the launch of Enigma’s OTC brokerage service. The core business targeting intuitional investors continues to flourish. Enigma recently released an API product connecting institutional clients to a massive liquidity pool. With its new terminals, Enigma Securities is now extending its liquidity services to merchants and retailers.

Retail payment in digital currency is expected to become a high-growth area over the coming years, and Enigma’s solution is being adopted by several global retailers, restaurants, and high-end hotels.

A bespoke payment terminal has been created by Enigma’s tech team. Enterprises utilizing these terminals can access Enigma’s liquidity ecosystem for 24/7 execution and competitive pricing.

“For many investors, a frustration with crypto has been the slow pace of mainstream adoption. Crypto has been more of a vehicle for speculation rather than an asset with real application. With our payment terminals we will be at the forefront of changing that by increasing retail adoption,” Enigma co-founder Avi Bouhadana stated regarding the new terminal.

With the new payment terminals’ release, Enigma is taking an active role in bringing digital currency to the mainstream. It is an exciting time for cryptocurrency adoption, with the likes of Amazon-owned Whole Foods and Starbucks revealing that they will begin accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Enigma is pleased to become part of the new movement, bringing digital currency to the people.