Enigma Releases Second Testnet for Ethereum Devs

Data privacy firm Enigma is releasing its second test network for Ethereum developers.

The code for the second testnet developer launch was published on GitHub last week. The Enigma team has also released walk-through documentation and developer guidelines to supplement it.

Enigma head of growth and marketing Tor Bair positioned the release as a means for more developers to create “secret contracts.” The Enigma project seeks to develop a safe off-chain environment that can process private and sensitive blockchain data with end-to-end encryption.

The secret contracts can do off-chain computations on encrypted data utilizing the Enigma protocol. Although the protocol is not yet live on the Ethereum mainnet, the launch sets up developers to begin developing code which may be deployed onto “Discovery”—Enigma’s first networked protocol—after being activated.

“We’re releasing now the developer testnet release so that our partners and friends can get a jumpstart on development so that by the time Discovery is live on ethereum mainnet, we can have live applications [on the network] straightaway,” Bair stated.

Unlike the previous testnet release, Bair said the latest release is regarded as “from a developer experience almost identical to what it will be when the public networked version of the [Enigma] protocol actually launches.”

“The developer experience is pretty much set with this release,” he noted.

Raising $45 million in a 2017 ICO, Discovery was supposed to go live on Ethereum mainnet in 2018. For some reasons, however, the Enigma team announced last September a delayed timeline to secure the project’s long-term interests.

The latest release exclusively supports testing for secret contracts locally within controlled digital environments. “From here on out, it’s just about making sure that the network is stable and the peer-to-peer network works appropriately,” Bair said.

To that point, there will be a “genesis nodes” set that may be thought of as computer servers operating the encrypted data computations of Enigma.

These nodes are incentivized for providing the network with computing power by receiving network tokens. In that case, “worker nodes” on Enigma receive ENG tokens with a present market cap of about $40 million.

For the startup’s next code launch on a public Ethereum testnet blockchain, there would be a “genesis game” where individuals seeking to run Enigma nodes will compete to be one of the first 50 nodes whitelisted for the Discovery mainnet release.

“The next phase is the deployment on the ethereum testnet which is geared entirely towards node runners,” Bair detailed. “We’ve been in conversation with a lot of staking-as-a-service providers, funds, independent node runners, ENG holders who have been excited to run nodes on the network for at least the past year and a half.”

According to Bair, the team is “doing everything in our power to get mainnet out in 2019.”