Energy Drink brand DNA explores opprtunites through Bitcoin ATMs

An energy drink company by the name of DNA Brands Inc. has slowly been making the transition to be a blockchain technology provider and incubator.

The company recently closed a deal with to dispense Bitcoin ATMs all across the country, according to a press release through Reuters. The ATMs will be there to operate and perform Bitcoin purchases and transactions, as well as receive or dispense fiat currency.

The company also said that orders for the machines are undergoing at the time of this writing, planning to put these Bitcoin ATMs beside regular bank ATMs.

In the same press release, DNA CEO Adrian McKenzie has this to say about the development: “We are looking to revolutionize and make bitcoin ATM machines as accessible, and common to use as any other ATM machine.”

“In an effort to convey complete transparency, we will be looking to update the market on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis,” he follows.

Finally, the release also revealed that the company have recognized several more opportunities, and will follow with further news once confirmed.