Electrominer (ELM)

    Solar Powered Blockchain Mining Ecosystem

    The blockchain technology’s arrival has introduced numerous crypto assets, providing various opportunities for people. Funds can be stored securely, digital currency can be mined by anyone, and conducting transactions can be faster and cheaper. Cryptocurrency mining became an area of interest for investors and businesspeople rather than individuals. Lack of engineering skills, limited home space, and spiking electricity rates can make the process less profitable and more problematic. It is also challenging to make crypto mining environmentally friendly since many facilities are powered by fossil fuel power plants.

    Self-powered mining platform Electrominer allows users to rent hashing capacity to mine different coins on various algorithms. It was developed to address the issues of mining PoW-based digital currencies. It owns data centers that are equipped with GPU and ASIC miners for efficient and profitable mining, and a solar power station to power its equipment. The mining capacity of the Electrominer platform will be available for anyone to rent and use for mining via the web portal.

    The Electrominer tokens (ELM) represent a share of the overall mining capacity available for rent on its platform. It will be utilized to mine BTC and other PoW-based coins. The total mining capacity of Electrominer will grow proportionally with mining facilities expansion. The ELM token enables holders to access the Electrominer Cloud Mining Platform and mine different coins. It will never become outdated, obsolete, or broken. It can be utilized for sharing in Electrominer’s continuously increasing mining capacity and may be sold at any time.

    Electrominer is open to individuals who share and are willing to add to its vision of disrupting the cryptocurrency mining industry to make it available to all, while simultaneously minimizing the harmful environmental impact of common crypto mining services.

    2018-08-15 – 2019-02-12
    Token ELM
    Price 1 ELM = 0.7142 USD
    Bonus Available
    Bounty Available
    MVP/Prototype Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC
    Minimum Investment 1 ETH
    Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
    Hard Cap 50,000,000 USD
    Country USA
    Whitelist/KYC KYC
    Website https://www.electrominer.io
    Twitter https://twitter.com/electrominerITO
    White Paper https://www.electrominer.io/docs/white_paper.pdf