eBay Ads Tease Possible Crypto Expansion

Popular online marketplace eBay seems to be getting ready to accept cryptocurrencies, if new promotional materials are any indication.

Although the eBay ads spotted at Consensus 2019 made no mention of any specific cryptocurrencies, the “virtual currency” and “digital collectibles” that they do talk about seem quite telling when placed within the context of a cryptocurrency and blockchain summit.

At the time of this writing, eBay has yet to make any announcements confirming or denying rumors that it may either accept crypto payments or offer its own crypto token.

Consensus 2019 runs until Wednesday, May 15, so it’s still possible for eBay to release an official statement regarding its future plans for crypto.

Although most online retail giants have yet to embrace Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as acceptable forms of payment, eBay senior vice president Scott Cutler revealed back in 2017 that the company was seriously looking into accepting Bitcoin payments.

As one of the largest online marketplaces in the entire world, an eBay that accepts Bitcoin payments would be a strong precedent and example for other retailers to do the same, especially with Bitcoin currently experiencing a steady price surge.