EarthCycle (ECE)

    Decentralized Funding Pool For Businesses

    EarthCycle is a global decentralized resource pool powered by the EarthCycle coin. It is designed for green positive change businesses which address significant systemic issues such as pollution, homelessness, lack of access to clean water, and poverty while generating up to over 100% annual return. Its coin is among the first digital currencies with an exponential growth rate backed by business assets, consumer demand, and profit revenues.

    The EarthCycle coin’s purpose is to create traction to intentionally move the society more quickly towards a clean, green planet with healthy people. There are several disruptive technologies today that can dramatically lessen most of the worst issues plaguing the world and species. Franchise-like enterprises with healthy ROI that enables seamless propagation and proper stewardship of technologies funded by venture capital funds are the keys to spreading these solutions worldwide quickly.

    EarthCycle funding will be distributed to established businesses that are in profitable operation. It provides an opportunity for each company to create international franchises that are indefinitely connected with the EarthCycle nonprofit organizations and the EarthCycle coin.

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    KEY Difference Media Turnkey ICO – CUSTOM APPROACH – Founded by Top 3 Crypto Media’s Ex-Team

    Pre-Sale2018-07-01 – 2018-07-31
    Token Sale2018-09-01 – 2019-02-01
    PreICO Price1 ECE = 0.76 USD
    Price1 ECE = 0.80 USD
    AcceptingETH, BTC
    Minimum Investment1 USD
    Soft Cap12,000,000 USD
    Hard Cap500,000,000 USD
    Restricted areaUSA
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