Data Security Summit to Give Blockchain and FinTech Insights

Navigating FinTech and blockchain trends can be challenging. The technologies are continuously evolving, and it can be hard to find valuable information, particularly about regulations and security.

Thales eSecurity and Networld Media Group sponsored the Financial Services Data Security Summit, which can help answer questions like “How secure is blockchain?” as well as “How do I stay on top of all these compliance laws involving new technologies?” The summit will take place in Boston on November 15. It will feature a panel on compliance regulations and blockchain security.

A panel titled “Keys to Blockchain: Understanding privacy and data security risks” will be moderated with Thales eSecurity payment strategy director Jose Diaz and Cognizant Technology Solutions associate director of information security Sudhaka Kamalanathan.

Whether blockchain applications can achieve the security standards of a bank’s infrastructure, particularly with the possibility of private keys theft, will be the focus of the panel. The panelists will give key tactics on how the blockchain technology can be leveraged by banks to enhance operations while preventing the risk of security breaches.

The next session, “Compliance regulations and customer’s expectations of privacy,” will feature Radius Bank vice president of information security, Joe Mancini. He will provide insight into how banks can handle multiple compliance laws such as NCUA, GLBA, and PCI DSS, while still satisfying client expectations.

Mancini will also explore how the General Data Protection Regulation will impact US banks.