Dash Sets Its Footprints Across Latin America and Australia


Since the launch of Dash back in 2015, the privacy-centric digital currency has been making inroads across the globe, particularly in Latin America and Australia.

Recently, the team behind Dash has teamed up with Venezuelan Bitcoin exchange Cryptobuyer to onboard the open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency in an effort to help people in regions with high levels of hyperinflation and devaluation, including Venezuela and Argentina.

On top of this, Dash has also further expanded its presence in the territory with its recent addition to Daexs, one of the largest domestic crypto exchange in Latin America.

Through Cryptobuyer’s listing, Dash will now be available to customers on a zero-fee basis.

In March, Dash has also partnered with Venezuelan department store Traki, to allow users to purchase products using digital assets.

Aside from adding support for Dash, Cryptobuyer has also been working on installing a number of crypto ATMs across Latin America.

According to an official statement published last month:

Presently, Venezuela, which has experienced severe economic issues including hyperinflation and blackouts, is a premier Dash hotspot, with a current 2,431 Dash-accepting merchants listed on Discover Dash. Colombia has made significant strides in merchant adoption as well, with a present 327 Discover Dash listings.

Commenting on the previously inked partnership with Cryptobuyer, Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor also emphasized:

Dash usage is growing at a rapid rate in Venezuela, as it provides an alternative that is a more reliable payment method and store of value. We’ve anticipated this initiative from Crypto Buyer, as it provides the everyday person a seamless and efficient way to access Dash and lower barriers to entry.

Aside from Latin America, Dash has also been gaining significant traction in other parts of the globe. On April 10, Australian-based exchange Jinance has also integrated Dash into its crypto trading platform as it introduces the first AUD-Dash trading pair and incorporates Dash’s InstantSend technology, allowing for a more expeditious and seamless transaction.

As Taylor noted in a recent announcement:

Listing on Jinance with Instant Send is a big win for Dash and our Australian users as we continue to extend that technology into new markets globally. Australia has emerged as an influential market for the cryptocurrency space, which is why we’re delighted to be able to offer an easier way for the country’s crypto community to buy and sell Dash using local currency. We hope to continue our momentum of partnering with leading exchanges and expanding our Instant Send acceptance to allow users to experience Dash’s speed and convenience.