DAI Becomes First Stablecoin in Coinbase Earn

Image from blog.coinbase.com.

Coinbase has announced that MakerDAO’s ethereum stablecoin DAI will be the newest crypto asset to join its Earn program.

DAI will join XLM, ZEC, BAT, ZRX, and EOS and is notable for being the program’s first stablecoin asset. EOS joined the program earlier this month. DAI itself also debuted on Coinbase only recently.

Coinbase’s Earn program lets users earn crypto rewards simply by watching videos and taking quizzes about various existing crypto protocols. For each of the three available lessons, Coinbase Earn users can receive $2 in DAI.

Coinbase strives to be a trusted source where customers can educate themselves about new developments in crypto, and we’re excited to offer people a new opportunity to learn about and earn DAI,” the company wrote in a Medium post Monday.

The program was recently made available in over 100 countries. The crypto exchange has stated that it has made over $100 million worth of crypto available for its users to earn.