CryptoProfile (CP)

    Empowering a blockchain revolution

    Singapore-based CryptoProfile is a snapshot information website that combines Yahoo’s comprehensive database and Google’s search function to offer the most accurate snapshot for every digital token. It initiated a transformative idea which will disrupt crypto airdrops and prove highly beneficial for CP token holders.

    The crypto industry has been growing steadily even after the slight market dip early last year. Many enthusiasts continue to utilize digital currencies to make anonymous transactions, store wealth, and generate funds by investing in innovative projects. Investing early in a viable Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the most profitable way to invest in the market. The returns are more than seven times compared to trading digital currencies. However, over 48% of the ICOs are scams.

    Another 80% of the others are expected to fail due to the lack of originality, inefficient business model, or poor technique. As a result, numerous investors lose money to ICOs that are bound to fail or pump and dump schemes. CryptoProfile aims to address that by allowing investors to access legitimate ICOs, eliminating the fear of being swindled. It will perform due diligence on all ICO projects that wish to be listed on the platform.

    CryptoProfile will include them as clients in its ICO marketing service. They have to pay $100K in CP token for token marketing. For six months, the CP tokens returned are locked in a smart contract until the client is added on an exchange. 10% of the ICO’s tokens will be airdropped to investors who will hold CP tokens.

    It is a win-win model as investors who hold CP tokens can receive airdrops from the top ICO prospects. ICO startups will obtain a crypto profile authenticity stamp when accepted as clients. The investors on the platform will give the necessary initial interest and participation to make their ICO successful.

    2019-01-01 – 2019-02-28
    Token CP
    PreICO Price 1 CP = 0.05 USD
    Price 1 CP = 0.1 USD
    Bounty Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Minimum Investment 100 USD
    Soft Cap 1,162,556 USD
    Hard Cap 30,463,808 USD
    Country Singapore
    Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
    Restricted areas USA, North Korea
    White Paper