Crypto Street Artist Receives Bumper Bitcoin Donation

French street artist Pascal Boyart is known for his murals that contain hidden crypto prizes. Recently, the crypto artist has received his largest single donation yet from an anonymous fan who gifted a whole Bitcoin, valued at over $4,000 as of press time. He took to Reddit to express his gratitude for the anonymous tipper and the broader cryptocurrency community. 

Boyart hides Bitcoin prizes in his murals. He incorporates seed words representing the private key to a wallet containing the prize. If placed in the correct order, a lucky art enthusiast pockets the prize. In one of his latest pieces, “Liberté Guidant le Peuple” or “Freedom Guiding the People,” the prize hidden was 0.26 BTC ($1,040). It pays homage to the Yellow Vest protest movement who are against several policies of French President Macron. Several factions of the Yellow Vests seem supportive towards Bitcoin and the broader crypto movement considering both groups’ hostility towards central banks.

Boyart finished “Liberté Guidant le Peuple” a couple of months ago, and the prize was won roughly a week after its unveiling. Donations have been trickling in slowly for the artwork until the artist found that some anonymous tipster gave a full Bitcoin. It has taken the amount gifted to Boyart across three different pieces at 1.25 Litecoin (LTC), 5 Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and 1.14 BTC. The elated artist shared his gratitude on Reddit:

However, Redditor “Medatascientist” pointed out: “OP there is sth I was curious about these street art donations so I’ll fire away: don’t you get afraid that someone would paint over the QR code overnight and redirect your donations to his/his robbery account? Am I thinking too much about this?”

Based on Boyart’s answer, he has apparently considered that as a possibility. Per the artist, he always provides a similar address used on his website and therefore, it can be easily checked if the funds were entering the right wallet.

Boyart’s piece challenges viewers with its astutely political message as well as highlights crypto’s potential to disrupt how basic financial transactions like donating are done. Other crypto-enthused artists have also tried to explore alternative funding methods.