Crypto Exchange Gemini Surges up App Store Charts After CBS Report


Following a CBS report that aired Sunday morning, the Winklevoss twins’ crypto exchange Gemini has generated renewed interest from American viewers.

Along with Bitcoin Billionaires author Ben Mezrich, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss discussed their involvement with cryptocurrency in an eight-minute segment on the CBS program Sunday Morning.

In the wake of the report and with bitcoin prices surging past $9,000, the Winklevoss twins’ regulated crypto exchange Gemini showed a steady climb up the Apple App Store’s finance app charts.

Cameron Winklevoss called attention to the app’s rise through the ranks with a tweet, posting that “Bitcoin broke $9,000 and the @Gemini mobile app is about to break into the top 20 in the App store for #Finance apps!

Irresponsible fear-mongering

Apart from discussing the Winklevoss twins’ Facebook and crypto history, the show covered a few basic crypto concepts.

A spotlight was shone on bitcoin, in particular, with the Winklevoss twins stating that it has the potential to surpass gold in value and utility.

Some crypto insiders and enthusiasts, however, have taken umbrage with what they viewed as CBS painting crypto assets with a palette of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

After boiling bitcoin down into “money that works like e-mail,” the show went on to say that bitcoin can be “slippery and incomprehensible”—something that crypto bull American HODL believes is irresponsible fear-mongering.

Just because you can’t comprehend it, doesn’t mean everyone can’t. Believe it or not some of us actually get what’s happening here,” American HODL tweeted. “Low IQ. High time preference. A recipe for a terrible life.