Croatian Post Seeks to Launch Crytocurrency Exchange Service

Although post offices sometimes provide banking services, Croatian Post is seeking to launch cryptocurrency exchange service across the nation. 

For a pilot initiative, Croatian Post, or Hrvatska Pošta, is presently providing crypto-to-fiat exchanges in three post offices within the coastal town of Zadar – a place well known with tourists. 

Hrvatska Pošta said July 25 that the trial run will permit it to gauge the market interest for such a service and, if effective, it may introduce crypto exchanges “in all major towns and tourist centers in Croatia.” 

According to the announcement:

“Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have developed more and more users, and Croatia will, with its network of 1,016 post offices, surely contribute to their popularity. Digitalization is one of the Croatian postal development strategies and a driver of numerous business projects. Entering the digital currency market, Croatia Post confirms its position as one of the leaders in digital transformation.”

The pilot – which permits clients to exchange cryptos into the Croatian national currency, the kuna (HRK) – comes by means of a partnership with Croatian crypto brokerage and payments company Electrocoin, which has been in operation for five years, Hrvatska Pošta stated.