CPUcoin Announces Testnet Launch

The creators of the Content Generation Network (CGN), CPUcoin, announced on May 14 the release of its testnet to satisfy the content preparation needs with better scalability and lower costs for some of the largest media companies and e-tailers worldwide.

Similar to how Airbnb possesses no real estate but runs a disruptive platform, CPUcoin does not have the infrastructure but has built a network that significantly minimizes cloud infrastructure costs for B2C and B2B enterprise users. CPUcoin’s CGN compensates users for the idle time of PC computers, servers, and mobile devices. It combines and restructures unused computational resources into a massive, highly scalable, reliable network. The firm leases the infrastructure to cloud-based app operators who will utilize the convenient, reliable, and powerful systems to operate their services at scale and at lesser costs compared to traditional methods.

The testnet launches with MediaRich Publisher. The CGN-powered Publisher DApp gives testnet users a web-based visual interface which lets them access the CGN, test some resource-intensive media processing tasks, as well as visualize connected third-party miners collaborating to produce content in real time.

“Globally, nearly a hundred million servers and more than two billion PC’s and mobile devices are powered on and running at any given time, with roughly 30% of those resources sitting idle,” CPUcoin Managing Director Sean Barger stated. “The amount of powerful, available but untapped compute power is so vast, it’s difficult to grasp. With CPUcoin’s CGN, we’ve created a way to put this compute power to use to solve real world enterprise-class tasks while enabling developers to scale their business at a fraction of the cost.”

The CGN ecosystem uses the ERC-20 CPUcoin utility token, which gives a certain amount of CPU/GPU power per coin minimum. The native currency will be used to pay for service consumption and for making payouts to DService developers and idle computer time providers. CPUcoin’s testnet launch enables entities and individuals to contribute available bandwidth and computational resources to the CGN to perform the computational work of running DServices and earn CPUcoin in return.

The CGN mainnet is planned to launch in Q1 next year with a built-in customer base to guarantee network adoption. MediaRich presently powers several Fortune 500 companies including Warner Bros, Adidas, Walmart, and the Department of Energy.