Constellation (DAG)

    Scalable - Fault Resistant - Fast Transactions

    Constellation offers an enterprise software solution for data integrity and provenance at scale. Its framework guarantees that individuals’ data is validated and notarized. It is cost-efficient, secure, scalable, and convenient to integrate. Constellation’s solutions cover:

    • Healthcare—protocol for medical records, data security, breaches, transparency, etc.
    • Energy—leading the way for companies to efficiently distribute their energy consumption.
    • IoT—developing a protocol for devices to efficiently and securely transmit data on disparate networks.
    • Mobility—introducing a protocol that can ingest and organize the data of groundbreaking mobility technologies.

    Constellation is a secure and scalable distributed ledger technology. Its framework lets organizations and developers integrate a cryptographic security layer into their apps, offering cost-effective, secure, and fast data transfer. It collaborated with cryptocurrency advisory firms, blockchain education groups, institutional investment funds, and technology PR companies.

    With a strong reputation-based protocol that punishes bad actors and rewards good behavior, Constellation fuels systems which are inherently more secure compared to competing services. Constellation also enables individuals to tokenize their cryptographically secured data in an entirely democratic governance model.

    Constellation is easy to implement in existing applications and systems. It utilizes tools in big data and machine learning architectures such as Hadoop, Scala, JVM, and MapReduce. Its JVM powered micro-service framework allows a plug-and-play functionality with various applications.

    Token DAG
    Type Utility
    Price 1 DAG = 0.03453 USD
    Platform Ethereum
    Country USA
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