Point to Transform Knowledge Into Innovation

    Connecty aims to streamline the relationship between research houses and businesses by functioning as the missing link between knowledge holders and those tasked to transform knowledge into innovation. The knowledge ecosystem will accommodate all scenarios, from a request for an expert’s opinion to an extensive research study that may extend over a substantial period. It will be available to all areas of knowledge and fields of study such as engineering, physics, IT systems, ecology, society, environment, and anything in between.

    Connecty brings together the players in the innovation chain within a globalized circular knowledge economy powered by the currency of knowledge, CTY token. It will allow secure and quick trades of knowledge. It is based on three founding values: openness, fairness, and progress in harmony. It is the first decentralized platform of R&D outsourcing, an industry worth $134 billion.


    • The CTY token will be the knowledge economy’s official currency. It is a Stellar utility token used to buy knowledge on the platform. It also enables users to exploit the services offered.
    • The smart contract technology will replace the intermediary in contract situations. It guarantees security for exchanges, both operationally and financially, ensuring a smooth transaction and the payment. It can also be utilized for a reputation management system to rate knowledge sellers and even buyers.
    • The artificial intelligence engine “translates” common language into complex research terms, enabling anyone to utilize the platform. It is essential to bridge the world of science and business as they both have unique technical vocabularies.
    • Connecty boasts a diverse, multidisciplinary, and experienced management team with over 60 collaborating members.
    Pre-Sale2018-09-15 – 2018-10-15
    Token Sale2018-10-15 – 2018-11-30
    Price1 CTY = 0.01 EUR
    AcceptingXLM, BTC, ETH, Fiat
    Minimum Investment150 EUR
    Soft Cap1 000 000 EUR
    Hard Cap11 000 000 EUR
    Restricted areaUSA
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