Coke One North America to Expand Blockchain Initiative to 70 Partners

The IT company behind Coca-Cola’s bottle manufacturing supply chain procedures seems to be taking a plunge into blockchain innovation. 

Coke One North America (CONA) states its pilot venture with software provider SAP is now set to be extended from two to 70 of the manufacturers that deliver the 160,000 bottles Coca-Cola shops every day, Business Insider revealed on November 5.

The blockchain venture vows to improve distribution for the members, as all producers can get to a permissioned blockchain containing each others’ orders, requirements, and capabilities. For instance, if a bottle container is short of stock for an approaching order, the system rapidly gives alternatives to filling deficiency. CONA disclosed to BI it plans to diminish order reconciliation days from weeks to only days.

“There are a number of transactions that are cross-companies and multi-party that are inefficient, they go through intermediaries, they are very slow,” Andrei Semenov, senior manager at Coke One North America, told BI. “And we felt that we could improve this and save some money.”

The pilot effort’s underlying positive outcomes implied more bottles transported, but more firms going to SAP’s platform, according to the report. Semenov stated that CONA has its eyes set on working with commerce tycoons Walmart and Target as a result, although scaling to work with those companies’ supply chains would be a troublesome endeavor, he noted.

“What we achieved here with blockchain is creating a document flow across the supply chain,” stated Torsten Zube, lead of SAP’s Innovation Center Network.

Coca-Cola’s prime rival PepsiCo additionally facilitated a blockchain trial that the company guaranteed in May had raised productivity by 28 percent. Named “Project Proton,” the supply chain trial was run on Zilliqa’s blockchain platform.