CoinWare (CWT)

    Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

    The world is witnessing blockchain technology adoption on a massive scale. The tech can transform different aspects of human endeavor. In addition, digital currencies can disrupt how people see money as a medium of exchange. For mainstream crypto adoption, however, more exchanges are necessary to facilitate trade in different regions. Crypto exchanges play a significant role in the proliferation of investors in the industry.

    CoinWare assures top-class security for traders’ funds, has sufficient liquidity, offers excellent customer service and user experience. It will cooperate with financial services for the legal operation to provide convenient access in dealing with both fiat and digital currency.

    CoinWare will also allocate resources to educate individuals in cryptocurrency in the emerging African and Asian markets. Some Asian and most African markets are still unable to fully realize the tremendous capabilities and benefits of utilizing the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Integrating fiat payment system in digital currency and crypto education will build a huge market in cryptocurrency where a lot of individuals would be interested in.

    CoinWare is supported by a team of experts with extensive experience in financial markets, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and trading. The group thinks collaborating with financial services will help simplify crypto to fiat conversions and attract more traders to join the crypto revolution. It will help CoinWare become the leading blockchain-based platform for trading different financial assets.

    CoinWare prioritizes building a transparent, secure, and effective trading platform for traders. It is creating a user-friendly and free crypto trading platform for both novice and experienced users. It seeks to ease the burden of traders in exchanging digital currency to fiat. It will also develop the blockchain-powered wallet CoinWare Pocket, which lets traders store any crypto in the market.

    Dates 2019-02-12 – 2019-04-30
    Token CWT
    Type Utility
    Price 1 CWT = 0.135 USD
    Bonus Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting BTC, ETH
    Soft Cap 4,000,000 USD
    Hard Cap 20,000,000 USD
    Country Estonia
    Whitelist/KYC KYC
    Restricted area USA
    White Paper