Coinbase Says 56% of World’s Top 50 Universities Have Crypto Classes

Academic interest in crypto and blockchain is expanding over the board, according to research from Coinbase published August 28.

The crypto exchange investigated the globe’s top 50 universities (based on U.S. News & World Report ranking) and discovered that 56 percent have blockchain or crypto classes accessible. Last year, Coinbase discovered 42 percent to provide such courses.

Collaborating with survey site Qriously, Coinbase also studied 735 students ages 16 and older, discovering a 6 percent increase in student interest in crypto or blockchain coursework. As part of last year’s Coinbase study, 28 percent of respondents stated they would be inquisitive about such a class.

Moreover, compared to last year, twice as many university students, or 18 percent, took a crypto or blockchain course.

Coinbase took a special note that the percent of crypto or blockchain classes were not being classified under the conventional computer-science label. Coinbase said 70 percent of these classes related to other offices – specifically finance, economics, law, or engineering.

Student clubs are also a significant driver of scholarly interest. Coinbase stated 41 of the 50 universities had student-run groups that focus on crypto or blockchain.

Coinbase said:

“This interest in studying crypto at colleges and universities speaks volumes about the future of money.”