Cloudflare Announces Free Ethereum Gateway

Internet security provider Cloudflare has announced the addition of a new Ethereum gateway to its Distributed Gateway Toolbox, a project that seeks to expand and enhance the decentralized web ecosystem.

The gateway will allow users to interact with the ethereum blockchain network without the need to install additional software. It will also lower the barriers for entry for those using low-end and less powerful machines.

This setup makes it possible to add interactive elements to sites powered by Ethereum smart contracts, a decentralized computing platform,” explained Cloudflare in a blog post.

And, in conjunction with the IPFS gateway, this allows hosting websites and resources in a decentralized manner, and has the extra bonus of the added speed, security, and reliability provided by the Cloudflare edge network.

No charge

Notably, Cloudflare is offering the new service free of charge. According to Nick Sullivan, Cloudflare’s Head of Cryptography, the program is currently too young to warrant fees, but the company may look for revenue opportunities further down the line.

For now, Cloudflare wants to use the gateway to introduce blockchain networks and technology to more and more members of the general public.

By providing a gateway to the Ethereum network we can help users make the jump from general web-user to cryptocurrency native, eventually making using the distributed web a fundamental part of the Internet,” the company said.


Sullivan also hopes that attracting more users to the blockchain and crypto space will make solving current and future problems on decentralized networks go a lot smoother.

ETH and IPFS are big names in very small space — the crypto space. But in a broader audience they’re not very well known, not commonly understood,” he said.

Part of this announcement is to help elevate the profile of these protocols… to solve difficult problems with distributed computing.