Chinese Security Firm Calls on Exchanges to Help Locate Ethereum Classic “Attacker”

Chinese security company SlowMist says that it is holding sufficient evidence to track down the culprit behind the recent Ethereum Classic chain attacks.

According to a Medium post on Wednesday, SlowMist has summarized the volume of their investigation on Ethereum Classic. The security firm identifies three wallet addresses and four transaction hashes that caused the two-day block reorganization (reorg) attacks against the network. SlowMist also confirms the information presented by San Francisco-based crypto exchange Coinbase.

SlowMist and Coinbase claim that double spends are the result of the block reorgs. SlowMist argues that a total of seven transactions have been rolled back from the network while 54,200 ETC (roughly $270,000) has been spent a second time.

Confirming that the attacks began as early as Saturday, the security firm asserts that similar attacks on the network have now ended. The last recorded attack has taken place on Tuesday.

SlowMist adds that it is still trying to determine the exact location of the identified addresses. The company states the location can be pinpointed “if the relevant exchanges are willing to assist.”

SlowMist names, Bitrue, and Binance as the crypto exchanges they want to collaborate with in order to locate the attacker.

Through their official Twitter pages, and Bitrue have already posted formal statements, adding they have spotted $40,000 ETC and 13,000 ETC in double spends on their respective platforms.

Developers of Ethereum Classic are in close coordination with the SlowMist team in order to determine the source of these attacks.