Chinese Locals Move Funds to Bitcoin Due to Trump’s Trade War

As the Chinese yuan decreases in value because of factors like the progressing trade war with the U.S., there are signs that local people are progressively moving assets into bitcoin.

As indicated by a Bloomberg analysis of prices over 30 days, the negative relationship between’s the yuan and bitcoin has tumbled to a record low over the most recent seven days.

While beforehand the Chinese government has tried to keep the value of its national money over 7 CNY to the dollar, a month ago, the yuan was permitted to slide underneath that level, dropping to its lowest for 10 years. The move was apparently in light of U.S. President Donald Trumps threats toward the beginning of August to force a ten percent duty on Chinese imports.

That the drop in yuan value is causing a flight by Chinese financial investors is supported by trade information. Bloomberg conversed with Dr. Garrick Hileman, research director at Blockchain, who stated that bitcoin costs on exchanges like Huobi that cater more to Chinese merchants are trading at a premium.

The inverse correlation among bitcoin and the yuan likewise indented up in April and May “as the tensions ratcheted up with the deterioration on U.S.-China trade relations,” Hileman stated.

The report comes as new specifics develop on China’s native cryptocurrency. The recently elected chief of the digital division of the People’s Bank of China has said the forthcoming digital yuan would have features not provided by Facebook Libra.