Chicago Board Options Exchange Announces Launch of Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin futures can count as one of the giants in the finance world today. Several financial institutions, the Chicago Board Options Exchange is the recent one, are looking to provide exposure to such services in time to come. The exchange unveiled their latest Bitcoin derivative contract specifications a little while back. The product is expected to be available in the market in a couple of weeks. 

Bitcoin-related investment opportunities become crisp to an increasing number of companies lately. It is customary as investors are gazing at profitable vehicles. At present, digital currencies continuously make all other assets left in the dust especially now that Bitcoin is on the radar of many. It is difficult to gain exposure to such assets without purchasing Bitcoin. Few weeks from today, the Chicago Board Options Exchange will launch their derivative contracts as they understand the booming demand for this vehicle.

There has been an apparent increasing demand from financial institutions when it comes to Bitcoin futures. The opinions of the public regarding the value of BTC is still divided. Despite being the most prominent options exchange in the US, the adoption of the Chicago Board Options Exchange may not be as influential. The launch date of Bitcoin futures products is in the Q4 of 2017 which is roughly six weeks from today.

Surprisingly, this product will use the same XBT ticker Kraken uses for Bitcoin on their exchange. At some point, XBT must have been the ticket for Bitcoin in the world of finance. The Chicago Board Options Exchange will release several types of contracts in the future. Their hunger to get an instant dominant market share is notable. However, only time could tell if that is even possible as the competition in the world of Bitcoin futures and derivatives today is neck and neck.

A lot are intrigued to know if the Chicago Board Options Exchange will be able to relate these contracts to spot Bitcoin pricing. What is clear right now is that the trading hours will be extended, and everything will be settled in cash in accordance with the Gemini auction price of Bitcoin in US dollars on that day. It will be compelling to see how it will all affect Bitcoin price.