CheckitsReal (CIR)

    Technology to Eliminate Counterfeit Products

    CheckitsReal eliminates counterfeit items. It is an application-based ecosystem built on the blockchain to support product traceability and verification, which identifies and eradicates fake products. It delivers validation tags (RFID, Holograms, QR codes, NFC chips) and verification services to every market sector such as consumer electronics, beauty products, cosmetics, toiletries, apparel, pharma, and foodstuffs.

    Every year, more than $1.7 trillion is being spent on counterfeit items. Presently, CheckitsReal is the only application available that allows everyone to quickly check the authenticity of a product via their smartphone. Product manufacturers buy CheckitsReal products and QR codes with CIR tokens, which is the only payment method accepted.

    CBS News previously reported that 40% of the products bought from the top 5 US online stores were counterfeit, including all of the makeups. The CheckitsReal application can be configured to determine if an item was sold and is no longer available for sale, protecting both the supplier and buyer.

    “In the ICO we will be creating a utility token, called CIRToken. These tokens will be used by manufacturers to purchase our services and codes. This creates a very healthy and growing business demand in the market. As our clients increase, so does the demand for CIRToken’s. The supply of CIRTokens is fixed, generating a healthy market liquidity,” CheckitsReal CEO Charlie Sherlock said.

    CheckitsReal will utilize the funds raised during the ICO to finance product development and form a sales and marketing team. “We have many different use cases for checkitsreal” Sherlock stated, “and we have a lot to do in terms of R&D!”

    Token CIR
    Type Utility
    PreICO Price 1 CIR = 0.20 USD
    Price 1 CIR = 0.4 USD
    Bonus Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH, BTC, BCH, DSH, LTC
    Minimum Investment 50 USD
    Soft Cap 100,000 USD
    Hard Cap 20,000,000 USD
    Country Ireland
    Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
    Restricted areas USA, China, Singapore