Champion Shave to Track Global Supply Chain Using Blockchain

The patent-owner of the first ever 100 percent recyclable disposable razor has revealed that it plans to integrate Blockchain-based solutions into its system. Champion Shave, which is co-founded by Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, wants to use Blockchain tech for its worldwide supply chain, client information management system, and corporate expansion.

In an October 22 press release, Champion Shave sells its product to stores like Walmart, Kmart, Pequeno Mundo, Bodega Aurora, Megamart, Fybeca, Sana Sana, Extrafarma, and thousands of other stores in 17 different countries.

In the release, CEO Manny Bains states:

“We are revolutionizing the $47 billion men’s grooming industry and know the only way to do this properly is to implement forward-looking technologies, like blockchain and environmental-friendly products.”

He adds:

“Blockchain technology will enable Champion Shave to track every detail of their supply chain end-to-end, greatly reducing costs and increasing efficiency by providing an open, immutable, global, online ledger for tracking freight movement.”

The razor company also plans to conduct an initial coin offering for its digital currency to be dubbed as Champion Coin. In addition, Champion Shave wants to offer a zero-franchise fee initiative in order to increase its international presence by means of its e-commerce franchising system.