Cash Shuffle: Bitcoin Cash’s Privacy-Centric Protocol

A new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) based protocol has been released this week to add privacy capabilities to BCH transactions potentially. The Cash Shuffle software allows BCH users to obfuscate their operations by merging funds with other Cash Shuffle users.

Privacy is vital for several digital currency advocates as anonymity projects, and confidentiality is a trending subject. Now, Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts will be pleased to hear about a new BCH shuffling protocol called Cash Shuffle. The program is unlike essential digital currency mixing services where users need to trust the operator while paying a substantial fee.

Cash Shuffle asserts there are no additional fees and counterparty risks involved. The server of Cash Shuffle is open source and written in the codebase Go. Currently, there is a noticeable implementation that runs and is available for review on Github. The software still requires users to aggregate together to be more efficient even though the server does not know inputs.

Coin Shuffle is an outstanding protocol once the participants for a joined transaction have already been selected although it does not provide any means for establishing such groupings. “Cash Shuffle builds upon CoinShuffle and adds a matching service. As such, it is a more complete and usable protocol,” Coin Shuffle explains on its website.

“The server, like the individual participants, also has no knowledge of which input corresponds to which output — The server cannot steal money in a proper Cash Shuffle implementation because the transactions are only signed on the client side if they are valid.”

Famous Bitcoin Cash wallet Electron Cash has been made operable with the CoinShuffle protocol in the form of a plugin. Electron Cash lead developer Jonald Fyookball said in an interview that although the code looks safe for users upon initial review, the wallet is unaffiliated with Cash Shuffle.

Fyookball shared that he is glad to witness the development of privacy-centric protocols adding that “Privacy and fungibility go hand in hand and are vital for cryptocurrency — free people living in a free society should have a right to privacy without fearing the state peering into their personal finances.”

“Just as important: Governments and other institutions should not be given room to start blacklisting coins, as this threatens the foundation of the currency. Each coin should be the same as another (fungible)” as Cash Shuffle and protocols alike will “increase ambiguity and “coin-taint” across the spectrum of transactions so that all coins will be more similar to each other.”

The Bitcoin Cash community across forums and social media look pleased with the project that includes privacy to the BCH community. Aside from the website, Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts can also follow the development progress of the Cash Shuffle team’s via a Twitter page created last October.