Cartified Releases New War Riders Gameplay Teaser

Cartified, a software startup developing distributed ledger technology for the automotive industry, has released the first teaser trailer for its new blockchain-based post-apocalyptic MMO game for mining cryptocurrencies, War Riders.

Set against the backdrop of a barren wasteland, the Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser video released December 19 offers a first look at the company’s soon-to-be-released MMO game in which war vehicles will duke it out for Benzene (BZN), the gamescape’s digital token.

While the game has yet to be launched, over 3,700 vehicles have already been sold as non-fungible, ERC-721 tokens, with War Lambos and Souped-up Car Tanks sold for anywhere between $450 to $2,200 worth of ETH, with plans of offering more affordable cars as the game poises to go live. Although playing the game will not cost players anything, each gamer is required to own at least one car.

As Cartified CEO Vlad Kartashov was quoted as stating:

“Our Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser video is released to show the quality of the graphics and what to expect from the actual gameplay. We are still keeping most of the actual gameplay mechanics in secret (to prevent copycats).”

The game runs on BZN, a proprietary ERC-20 token that players need to earn to “survive” which, in the world of War Riders, is treated as the equivalent of fiat currency. In addition to serving as a reward for playing the game, the company has also indicated plans of making BZN tradable in the real world much like any other cryptocurrencies, which could be indicative of other potential use-cases of digital tokens in the gaming industry.

As Kartashov added:

“We have plans to add it to an exchange after the end of the vehicle pre-sale/start of the alpha.” 

A specific algorithm will be used to calculate the amount of BZN required to maintain the game economy’s stability, randomly distributing caches across the game’s waypoints. The amount of time players spend on the game will determine the likelihood of stumbling on these caches.

While the amount of BZN is finite, over time, BZN will appear more slowly, with caches containing fewer tokens as the players progress throughout the game.

As Kartashov noted:

“The fight for it will get more aggressive and more aggressive over time.