CareParrot (CPX)

    The Smart Health Economy

    Gamified healthcare protocol CareParrot tokenizes user data and engagements with the applications created within the CareParrot network. It aims to establish a universal healthcare ecosystem wherein patients, doctors, and third-party apps can collaborate more efficiently and interact on a peer-to-peer (P2P) level.

    Since 2008, the increasing popularity of the blockchain technology has resulted in various organizations succeeding in creating more functions to perform several, highly crucial roles in different industries. Among its significant purposes is to function as an international database for a whole industry in which individuals can store shared data accessible to all parties with proper permissions.

    The CareParrot Core Miner App will serve multiple vital functions and will be the primary tool of the whole community. It enables users to mine CPX tokens by allowing the Core Miner App to act as a node and securely record every interaction with CareParrot’s services, products, and third-party applications, therefore eliminating the need for expensive mining rigs. CareParrot believes that if there are applications for monitoring health, there should also be an app that incentivizes engagement in health-driven communities.

    CareParrot is working to create universal solutions that can mitigate the persisting pain points of patients and doctors when providing and receiving care. It will lay out how its community-minted CPX token can greatly enhance the whole P2P health experience by eradicating human billing errors, the time-consuming and expensive claims processing, and crossing international gaps between doctors and patients worldwide while complying with different regulations. CareParrot is building a virtual “doctors-without-borders” platform that will eliminate the bureaucracy and roadblocks that greatly increases the cost of care.

    The CPX token will make payment processing between doctors and patients quick and convenient. It can be utilized to pay for medical services rendered by physicians through the Universal Lobby. Users will also receive cashback points which would let them earn tokens.

    Today, CareParrot boasts various web applications which are presently on beta and will be tied to the Core Miner after the pre-sale. It offers a different way of mining tokens to provide an equal opportunity for every participant to be rewarded. CPX tokens will be available as an add-on purchase like how game credits on Steem or pre-loading call credits on Viber work.

    On the other hand, doctors can save thousands every year by utilizing the Universal Lobby as it minimizes the need for expensive intermediaries to perform accounting and administrative functions for their practice.

    2018-07-23 – 2018-10-31
    PreICO Price1 CPX = 0.10 USD
    Price1 CPX = 0.20 USD
    Minimum Investment0.5 ETH
    Soft Cap3,000,000 USD
    Hard Cap20,000,000 USD
    Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
    Restricted areasIran, North Korea, Cuba, Somalia, Venezuela, Yemen, Sudan
    White Paper