Can Hypnosis Really be the Answer to Lost Bitcoin Wallet Passwords?

Picture this in your mind: it’s the year 2013 and with $1,300, you purchase 100 Bitcoins, not thinking too much about what you just bought. After all, no harm can come from trying, right?

Now fast forward five years, and you then realize that your 100 Bitcoins are now worth, well… $1.3 million. Ridiculous, right? But then, along with the realization that your $1,300 purchase now amounts to an insane amount of money comes another: You forgot the password to your Bitcoin wallet, and now you no longer have access to your riches.

But if you live in Russia, then maybe not all hope is lost, because you can pay a hypnotist to simply help you remember what you forgot, therefore giving you access to your digital assets.

According to RT, there’s a hypnotist in Russia that accepts Bitcoin as payment in exchange for helping users remember their forgotten passwords. Unlocking your Bitcoin wallet makes you liable to pay 5% of the Bitcoin stash that you were able to recover.

“With the skyrocketing Bitcoin, many of those who once bought Bitcoin as a toy are now kicking themselves. They are appalled to see that they could become dollar millionaires if only they remembered the password,” says Denis Derkach, who runs a Russian advertising platform that serves websites for cryptocurrencies. He also notes that most people are willing to go to great lengths just to gain access of their lost wallets again.

Veronika Marymur, who’s the hypnotist that helped almost half of her previous 20 clients, has this to say:

“With the help of hypnosis, I bring a person into an altered state of consciousness when he can recall the information he needs.”

Many people lost their digital gold in a number of weird yet tragic ways. Yet whichever the way these people lost access to their Bitcoin wallets, one fact is true: It’s always a hard story to swallow.