Bubbled (BBL)

    Decentralised Virtual Spaces and Governance for AR Content

    Bubbled envisions a world interconnected and interwoven with decentralized techs which democratize control and let communities build exciting markets. Augmented reality delivers an exciting evolution in people’s communication and Bubbled wants that medium to be available to everyone, without a single entity controlling the access. Bubbled also believes communications must be governed by communities and a decentralized solution allowing every voice to be heard is essential for the continued development of individuals.

    Bubbled will allow various industries to explore and utilize the opportunities of innovations produced in immersive technologies, particularly augmented reality, as a different means of real-time interactive communications in real-world places. It presents the introduction of a platform to purchase and rent digital spaces to share and monetize AR content as well as discusses the necessary infrastructure to create an economy of assets.

    Bubbled is an Ethereum-powered platform for registering digital land ownership for assets placement in augmented reality. Business owners, brands, and content curators can experience, produce, and monetize content and applications within real-world geographical locations that can be viewed using the Bubbled app or by downloading the Bubbled SDK to a location-enabled app; as a Bubbled community-owned augmented reality landscape, enabling complete control over purchases and creations.

    Bubbled allows an authentic and holistic journey of sharing and monetizing AR content for individuals and brands aiming to communicate themselves to their target audience through the mixture of native and location-based ad insertion techs.

    Token BBL
    Type Utility
    Bounty  Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Soft Cap 1,133,700 USD
    Hard Cap 12,474,000 USD
    Country UK
    Website https://www.bubbled.io
    Twitter https://twitter.com/seebubbled
    White Paper https://storage.googleapis.com/bubbled-whitepaper/Bubbled_whitepaper_2017.pdf