Browser Extension Offers Added Security Against Fraudulent Crypto Sites

As the crypto trading industry grows over the years since Bitcoin’s inception more than a decade ago, the number of novice investors exploring digital currency trading has also risen exponentially, further necessitating the need for a more advanced security measure against phishing, malware, and other fraudulent websites. Cryptonite is a browser extension that provides an added layer of protection, allowing users to preempt such risks.       

Developed by the team behind Metacert, a blockchain-based security protocol that offers enterprise-grade security, Cryptonite is an anti-phishing and anti-fraud software designed to protect private data while alerting users of any potential risks to their crypto security.

The browser extension is currently available across all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, as well Brave, which has been significantly gaining traction among the crypto community in recent years.

Upon installation, the browser extension displays either a green or black shield icon on the upper left corner of the browser, indicating whether the visited crypto site is verified or not. Websites marked with a black icon are deemed as either unverified addresses or possible phishing sites and should be treated with caution.

Should a user inadvertently click on a flagged phishing site, Cryptonite will also warn users of the website they are attempting to access. Most fraudulent websites have been notorious for imitating legitimate platforms including crypto exchanges in an attempt to hoodwink potential victims into providing their personal data, including login credentials, financial information, as well as private keys for crypto accounts.

Should the software detect a potentially dangerous website, it prompts users with the option to either proceed with the questionable site or return to the previous page. In addition, users may also file a report if the website in question has been tagged as either a phishing site or malware or if it displays an error message code.

Though the extension comes with a 30-day free trial, Cryptonite is a paid service offering two subscription plans depending on the users’ needs. While its Personal plan supports up to five browsers for $3.99 a month, the Family plan comes with a license key that can be used for a maximum of 25 browsers for $9.99, with special discounts for businesses ordering more than 20 licenses.

The Cryptonite browser extension offers additional security against phishing sites, fraudulent crypto apps, as well as questionable Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn accounts.