Brave Browser Launches Tipping Feature on Twitter

Another tipping service has been included to Twitter, courtesy of Brave browser.

Alternative web browser Brave has formally introduced tipping following a beta stage, a company blog post stated. Twitter users can tip content utilizing Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Developed by the co-founder of both Mozilla and Firefox, Brendan Eich, Brave started as a devoted ad-blocking browser. In May 2017, the firm conducted an initial coin offering of 1 billion BAT with an additional 500 million BAT held by the company, Messari Crypto said.

The company intended to make a more equitable profit dissemination model between clients, content makers, and promoters. With the expansion, Brave moves further into the realm of micro-tipping, a service stated in its white paper.

To introduce the new offering, Brave is sending 100,000 BAT awards to each Brave desktop client who cannot get Brave Ads. Brave claims Reddit, Vimeo, and GitHub, are next on the list. Brave also presently supports tips for YouTube and Twitch. A Brave tips symbol will be put next to the familiar “retweet” and “favorite” highlight on Twitter.

Brave has also automated the tips, meaning tips can be set for your favorite content makers in planned instalments. Clients must utilize the Brave browser and have Brave Rewards turned on to utilize the feature.

Micro-tipping proceeds to develop inside crypto communities, especially with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Independent venture and plugin introduced a comparable bitcoin-based service last winter, getting commendation from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. In April, the Internet Archive self-reported $2,500 in donation from BAT tips.