Blue Frontiers Partners with Cindicator to Pioneer Tokenised Floating Habitat

New York City – Cindicator, the FinTech company behind the Hybrid Intelligence market analytics platform designed for virtual asset management, has forged a strategic partnership with Blue Frontiers, the pilot seasteading firm that spearheaded the proposal of the first floating communities in French Polynesia.

Joining Blue Frontiers’ advisory board is Cindicator’s co-founder and CTO Yuri Lobyntsev. In collaboration with the entire Cindicator team, Blue Frontiers aims to create a dynamic community, as the company launches an Initial Coin Offering for its native cryptocurrency, Varyon, a general purpose payment token developed for the exchange of goods and services across the Blue Frontiers ecosystem.

In addition, the Cindicator team will also be involved in the development of Blue Frontiers’ experiments centered on a new type of social ecosystem and decision-making structure. As Cindicator co-founder and CTO Yuri Lobyntsev highlighted:

“At Cindicator, we know the power of decentralised and distributed community enhanced by ever-learning artificial intelligence. We envision a future where people will enter a symbiosis with machines to solve the most pressing problems of the post-capitalist era. We believe seasteads have the potential to become the physical space for both social and economic experiments that will pave the way to the new economy.”

Explaining the impetus for the company’s collaboration, Blue Frontiers co-founder and Managing Director Randolph Hencken stated that:

“Both Cindicator and Blue Frontiers have emerged in the zeitgeist where people are hungry for individual autonomy while still seeking strong community connections inherent to making life meaningful. The fundamental business of each company is starkly different on the surface, but the underlying premises are found in our core optimistic belief that technology is making the world a better place. This is why we are curious to invite Cindicator to experiment with decision-making in a seasteading environment to create better governance for the community, and ultimately increased well-being for residents.

Initially introduced by libertarian entrepreneur Peter Thiel, Seasteads are permanent settlements on modular floating structures designed to be environmentally responsible. Through the combined efforts of the Seasteading Institute and Blue Frontiers, the first pilot project of floating islands was initially proposed in French Polynesia.

Today, Blue Frontiers remains one of the tokenised organizations comprising Cindicator’s Symbiotic Network, a global alliance united by a single ideology: to improve the quality of life on Earth by solving the most pressing issues of human civilization, thereby advancing the evolutionary development of human society.

About Cindicator

Cindicator is a Fintech company founded in 2015 with a vision of a future where decision-making is decentralized, combining insights that leverage on machine-learning algorithms and neural networks, ergo creating a Hybrid Intelligence between humans and A.I. Through Blockchain technology, Cindicator has built a distinctive ecosystem made up of over 100,000 analysts, data scientists, and investors working together to address the prevailing issues in the post-capitalist era.


About Blue Frontiers

Founded in 2017 by the Executive Director and Seavangelist of the Seasteading Institute, a Belarusian businessman, a former Polynesian government minister, and a French entrepreneur, Blue Frontiers is anchored on a long-term vision of developing the first seasteads. With the company’s established pragmatics steps, Blue Frontiers aspires to create novel societal structures, as it expands from within SeaZones, all the way to the high seas. Through the Seasteading joint agreement with host nations, Blue Frontiers’ vision to create sustainable ecological floating habitats with unique governing frameworks may soon set the stage for societal innovations on par with technological innovations.


About Symbiotic Network

Touted as a radically decentralised community capable of creating an effective structure for the new economy and a better world, Symbiotic Network is a synergy of tokenised companies and network organizations united by a homogeneous ideology of solving prevailing issues in the era bordering on post-capitalism. It is a continuously growing rhizome that combines human and artificial intelligence which serves as a framework for effective decision-making through collective experience, connections, and other resources.